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 General trade

So-called general trade imports in China refers to the having the right to operate the types of companies and enterprises (including foreign-invested enterprises) units, the unilateral import trade.
Generally speaking, it is the result of external contracts, agreements, correspondence or face to face to discuss the deal. Including: the normal way of imports of goods traded; barter trade (excluding barter border areas); extracted from the bonded warehouse of goods sold within China; payment assistance for imported goods; temporary imports (no re-operation, export) articles; foreign-invested enterprises with domestic materials and imported finished products are exported food and other tourist hotels with goods. 

how to asked me to import

1. First of all
you should confirm the importing orders with your foreign (and domestic users)


2. You need to explain to your foreign customers that we are your foreign import agents;

3. You can pay money to
us, then we sink and then commissioned (or credit) to your foreign customer(not limited to currency);

4. You rise to the foreign ship can be your or our, but they are required to provide import documentation to the Division I (invoice / packing list / bill of lading / proof);

5. Goods to the port (Chinese ports open), we began to change a single declaration, or you can use your foreign freight forwarding specified;

6. we deal with all the files of import for your need(such as inspection / Free 3C / import license, etc.);

7. We will notify you need to pay customs duties and VAT and the amount of evidence to tell you that you have to pay to our company;

8. Customs clearance of the goods, we will arrange delivery to you, or guide your own delivery;

9. After the end of the business, the Division I list all the expenses actually incurred by your settlement.


(B) imports of foreign trade agent services

1. Import agent, including: import payment; import accreditation and related services.

2. Imports on behalf of open letters of credit, to accept TT, D / P and other billing method.

3. Agent, agent processing with imported materials and processing manuals and other bonded business.

4. Agents, agents various types of imported relevant approvals, quotas, licenses.

5. For automatic import license, heavy card.

6. Commissioned by domestic and foreign customers on behalf of the commissioning party to find domestic buyers.