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Lonyal Holding Group is a modern enterprise group with food machinery, chemical machinery, industrial products production, mining equipment, foreign trade, building materials and lighting, the investment as the core business, which administers  Homore Enteprise (HK) Limited., Shanghai Homore Industrial Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Lonyal Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lonyal  Import and Export Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lonal Indusrtrial Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Louvre Museum Lighting Co., Ltd., Saudi Lonyal companies and Iran Branch. Sales revenue in 2010 is over 1 billion yuan ,while in 2011 the revenue can reach 2 billion yuan.

The Group's business comprises of the following broad categories. I Industrial Areas: Homore Enteprise (Hk) Limited. and Shanghai Homore Industrial CO.,Ltd., produce food machinery, chemical machinery, industrial products production, mining equipment, machinery and equipment for the broad categories Lord. II Industry: providing the chemical machinery exports, exports of chemical raw materials, and provide chemical-based formulations. III Investment Advisory Areas: business scope mainly covers investment consulting, project feasibility analysis, industry research, market research and market research and other fields , while the company for different customer needs, providing targeted research services. The company has become a multi-level, multi-dimensional comprehensive information advisory body. IV Import and Export: Shanghai Lonyal  Import and Export Co., Ltd. as the window of foreign trade of the Lonyal Holding Group, taking all the exports of the Group's business, current business throughout the Americas Europe, Middle East and Africa, more than 60 countries worldwide. V Building Materials and Lighting: Holding Shanghai Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Louvre Museum Lighting Co.,Ltd, the professional market in Shanghai has a flagship store. VI Foreign Investment: the current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East has subsidiaries LIONYUNG explore the Middle East market and second largest city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to invest in shares of a professional production of naphthalene superplasticizer (SNF) and professional production factory URSC aminopropyl Cocoa (COCO ) plant UPSC .

Lonyal Holding Group since its inception has always insisted on the "dedication to customer service since its inception, "the purpose of promoting "never satisfied, the pursuit of excellence as spirit of enterprise, adhere to "exceeding customer expectations, creating the world famous"the quality policy, treating quality as the enterprise Life, emphasizing market-oriented and efficiency-driven endless under the management and technical innovation, customers, employees, shareholders, government and social satisfaction as the eternal pursuit of goals, commitment made ​​in the areas of the world's leading business position as a world First-class enterprise.