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Chinese: langyong

lang:  means bright.
yong: means rising up and come up.

English: LONYAL
Creative Description:
1. The name of the composition
Long + Royal = Lonyal follow the English name as concisely as possible, usually no more than 6 letters principles.
2. Reference to pronunciation
['Lɔŋiəl] two-syllable, and Chinese pronunciation similar to, in line with English pronunciation rules.
3. Definition of Terms
long: long-term and long-term.
royal: the grand, first class, excellent, and the royal family, royal, noble.
Top class, top mast, that is a quality company image, product quality is excellent, the best is a leader in the field (top-class; the top of the mast)
Loyal: faithful, loyal
4. Overall Interpretation
Meaning is always the king, the group Built to Last forever, a long long time, group size becoming bigger and bigger, playing a leading international group of companies, a good control of its business empire. Also implies the company is a friend forever loyal customers, providing a long and noble as the service such as the Royal .

Company Logo:


Logo Design Concept: Logo designed to "L, Y" (Lang Yong and LONYAL first letter of the syllable)-based deformation and integrated into the design from a number of elements
1, marks framing his hands like the middle road by the lightning bolt of white light reflected crimson red road, "Long" concept, meaning uncertain business prospects, with vision.
2, sign off like a greenhouse around, take off upwards, reflecting the "rising up and come up" concept, suggesting the development of enterprises and growth.
3, the flag on the left for the boat, meaning top-masts of distant (ROYAL), the right is the number 1, the expression of the first companies to do the industry, the industry most domineering.
4, marked by number 6 and 9 of the fit, 6 moral victory, 9, meaning a long long time (LONG), the more do.
5, marking the middle of the square hole and the square hole of the Chinese Tianyuandifang phase and coins, reflecting the holding company earned gold, deep pockets.
6, Chinese red, symbolizing fire, vibrant, deep red color is the ancient capital of the common wall, meaning stable, honest.