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Foreign trade/trade managers/supervisors (chemical products)
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Chemical products foreign trade manager
1) male or female, age 23 - household unlimited, between 40 years old.
2) college degree or above, foreign trade, marketing or chemistry disciplines.
3) English 4 class above, be familiar with overseas customers and telephone communication field exchanges.
4) a chemical products sales experience is preferred.
5) 2 years working experience in large-scale machinery import and export corporation. There are some famous enterprises in Shanghai export had employed
Experience is preferred.

The following products sales experience is preferred:
Alcohols: Dudley is propanol, different butanol, methanol
Glycol and glycol ethylene glycol: mono, mono propylene glycol
Hydrocarbons: dimethyl benzene, solvent oil
Ketone: acetone, methyl ethyl ketones, cyclohexanone
Glycol ether/ester: