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Lujiazui office officially opens
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After six months of tense arrangements, this group is located in China's financial center - Shanghai lujiazui finance &trade office in recently finished decorating, and is formally put into use.

Since the end of the decade we are sure that this group will become into world first-class enterprise, immediately after hereon target first-class office location in China which has been placed on the agenda,we ,the site selection team in Shanghai investigated almost all of the top grade office and lots of them are 5A grade offices, finally after the compared by our group of five national famous hire scholar, dr FangShuo yi-ology Mr Deng himself, they determine the new site kanyu office.
The new office of alignment is in the lujiazui district, when sitting in the office you can namely see the landscapeoutside the world's tallest buildings – rings throughout the visible window .