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   SHANGHAI LONYAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is a professional daily-use chemicals and inorganic chemicals in various areas of new technology, new equipment development engineering company.

Company can provide the needs of different users of advanced technology and engineering design, turnkey projects for customers, starting from the technical advice to the engineering design, equipment manufacturing, complete configuration, installation, construction supervision, commissioning training, tuning formula after-sales service until the production of qualified products, and built a complete production plant.

Over the years the company has always been based on "quality of life, technology development", to play the whole scientific and technological advantages, step by step, many domestic and foreign chemical companies for services and technical cooperation in the process, win public long, through independent innovation and research and development, for different chemical and daily chemical enterprises with international advanced level of technology and devices.

Company Background:
Since 1995, LONYAL has more than 200 customers worldwide provides a daily chemical and inorganic chemical plant, especially in terms of household chemicals, such as washing powder, sulfur trioxide sulfonation, liquid detergent, oil processing and other fields, In terms of inorganic chemicals, such as sodium sulfate, caustic soda, soda ash and other fields, we provide a number of advanced, efficient, practical, easy operation of the outfit. 

's first set of devices detergent powder in the brick structure completed in the Tower, the first set is the use of nicotinic acid sulfonation sulfonation equipment, and now we provide users with the device, using the world's most advanced control technology and equipment. LONYAL in the company's professional design and installation of officers, many with 30 years of design and practical experience, it is because of our experience, so I can take on different user needs production plant.


We can provide users with the following set of production line: daily chemical aspects of inorganic chemical industry
Sodium sulfate production line detergent production line
Five Hong STPP Sodium soap production line production line
Water glass production line production line of cosmetics
Soda ash production line of liquid detergent production line
Caustic soda toothpaste production line production line
Sulfur trioxide sulphonation production plant production line fluorescent brightener
Oil hydrolysis, processing production line CMC sodium carboxymethyl cellulose production plant
Glycerine production plant sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate production plant
Carbon black production line
Poly aluminum chloride production line


Advanced technology key equipment: 

LONYAL leading independent innovation with the following technologies:
Flexible delivery devices - for multi-angle, multi-directional, multi-delivery of materials;
Air delivery device of raw materials - for long-distance transport all kinds of solid materials span
Detergent powder technology - a single tower of up to an annual production capacity of 30 million tons
Gas dust removal technology
Exhaust heat recovery technology
Direct coal-fired plant
Wet water glass production technology
Suitable for multi-variety production of Sulfonation Technology
Automatic batching plant