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 Special Services

(A) foreign trade expert advice

Export risks, foreign customers, credit, international debt collection, to help sign outside contracts, letters of credit and document review, foreign language translation and consulting information.


(B) integration of trade logistics


Specific processes:

Export: Procurement - the ship - in the customer designated locations Packing - Transport - Customs - trade documents - foreign exchange earnings - the domestic payments - the export tax rebate - the commission paid abroad

Import: payment - customs clearance - payment of customs duties, VAT - to arrange for transportation - to the customer designated locations



1, and logistics in the foreign trade agency has a good interface, greatly reducing customs clearance, tax rebates on time, providing customers with maximum convenience.

2, relying on a strong logistics platform and professional foreign trade companies, can greatly reduce the customers in the logistics, trade costs, reduce the cost of import and export customers.


(c) of the Foreign Trade site service

Mill according to requirements of foreign buyers, raw material procurement tracking of goods, goods production, goods packaging, transport of goods, and according to the foreign buyers to provide inspection of product quality standards, eliminating the need for foreign buyers rushing in two places Hard and distress. If necessary, the product can also be tested into the large micro-warehouse.


(Iv) trade financing services

In today's global integration, international trade in goods and services trade has developed rapidly. A sound production, sale, transport, banking services and information technology solutions in one of the trade, will help to improve the efficiency of your international business, in the fierce competition in the market better.

Trade in services and trade based on your cash flow position to provide the set of settlement services and financing services as one stop solution, which covers bank guarantees, open letters of credit, export documents for negotiation and trust receipts and other financing Kinds of products and services.