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 General trade exports

The so-called export of general trade export in China refers to the type of franchise companies and enterprises (including foreign-invested enterprises) units, the unilateral export trade. Generally is the result of external contracts, agreements, correspondence or face to face to discuss the deal. Including: the normal way of exports of goods traded; barter trade (excluding barter border areas); extracted from the bonded warehouse of goods sold within China; payment assistance for the export of goods; temporary export (no longer be transported, exports) articles; foreign-invested enterprises with domestic materials and imported finished products are exported food and other tourist hotels with goods.


(A) the Secretary asked me how to export

1. First of all you have and your foreign (and production plants) to determine the export orders;

2. You need to explain to you that we are your foreign export agents;

3. You will meet the foreign exchange to your money (or credit) to our account;

4. Our receipt of your order will pay the facility in accordance with the purchase price (the factory to open the corresponding increase in votes);

5. Production and examination has been completed, you send or I put into our foreign trade warehouse (China ports open);

6. You may instruct us to the declaration on behalf of charter booking shipment, or you can use your foreign freight forwarding specified;

7. Our export of production or to retrieve all the necessary documents (such as inspection / refund / cancellation / Rush);

8. After the end of the business, the Division I list all the expenses actually incurred by your settlement.


(B) Foreign trade export agent services


1. Export agents, including: export volume; certificate of origin, GSP certificate of origin; export declaration, commodity inspection, insurance inspection and related services.

2. Export collection of letters of credit, to accept TT, D / P and other billing method.

3. Represents clients in the export tax refund procedures,

4. Agents, agents various types of export-related approvals, quotas, licenses.

5. Commission to accept foreign customers, on behalf of the Principal search for domestic sellers.