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 Processing Trade Agents

(A) What is the processing trade

Mainly refers to the processing trade of foreign processing and assembly, small compensation trade and processing trade in the form of feed.

(B) describe the process of processing trade

1, the basic procedures for record contract:

Economic and trade department for approval

-> To the Customs Service Centre at the blank "Registration Manual"

-> Pre-entry contract

-> Customs examination, issued "to open deposit account linked list"

-> To the Bank of China for the establishment of accounting ---> Department of verification issued by a bank "accounting registration notice"

-> Customs computer remote transmission ---> receive a receipt after the successful nuclear transfer "Registration Manual."


2, the contract filing required documents:

1) Apply for business reporting.

2), the foreign trade department "approval certificate", is stamped into the material processing needs of the tax department seal.

3), has signed export contracts.

4), basic account management units open proof.

5), processing enterprises issued by the local economic and trade department of "processing capacity to prove."

6), processing business units should be provided in line with the processing companies signed a "Contract Law," the commission processing contract (agreement).

7), carried out off-site processing trade, where business units are required to provide customs seal issued by Customs, includes "off-site processing of the application form" in duplicate.

8), for the first time engaged in processing trade are required to provide operating units and processing enterprise "business license" and "tax registration certificate" and a copy of "Customs registration of the notice."

9), business units or power of attorney letter of introduction.

10), processing instructions.

11), remote port for import and export declarations, to fill in "off-site customs clearance application form."

12), the Department needs additional information.



1) Customs of the first enterprises engaged in processing trade audit system; on the document is complete, qualified business audit, the Department issued within 3 working days, the "Registration Manual."

2) The contract for processing trade enterprises are filing a class AA, dispensed accounting; an A class enterprises, need to set up accounting, the implementation of the "idle"; is a B class enterprises, need to set up accounting, general merchandise implement " idling "the implementation of restricted goods" is to "; is a C class enterprises, need to set up accounting, will be implemented" real change "; D class enterprises shall not engage in processing trade business. Non-processing enterprises and business units and the same classification, the Customs to lower, not higher principles. The import of materials provided by foreign species within the specified scope, and the amount of 5,000 dollars or less, free to do manual, not included in account management.


3, for $ 5000 off for the following 78 kinds of documents required for registration procedures accessories:

1), the application report.

2), import invoices, packing list (two copies).

3), the export contract (two copies).

4), business letter of introduction or power of attorney.


4, the contract cancellation

1) The basic process: within one month after execution of the contract to the Customs for verification companies

-> Pre-entry

-> Customs audit

-> Issue of "accounting write-off linked list"

-> Bank write-offs

-> Customs verification closed

-> Print the closing notice.

Note: The company must within the period prescribed by the Customs Department for verification and cancellation procedures. Justification is not on the verification procedures to the Customs, Customs in accordance with the relevant provisions of punishment.

2) The required documents

-> Business unit for verification reports.

-> Import and export declarations.

-> "Registration Handbook."

-> Customs and other required documents, such as accounting tables, maps, etc. Plan to reflect the actual material conditions of information processing.