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Louvre Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd’s Lighting is the interpretation of world-famous Louvre Louvre's classical.
Before Edison invented the electric light , Louis XIV of France has been using crystal lamps made from natural crystals and quartz, which are installed in the Louvre Palace'. Since then, the Louvre’s lighting was given the taste of "elegant and delicate, refined luxury, ".

Over time, the crystal lamp is no longer a collection of the castle palace, the Louvre Lighting uphold and carry forward the splendid luxury French style, and create a new era in the development of crystal lamps, crystal lighting so widely used in hotels, villas and other high-level field. 
LOUVRE MUSEUM LIGHTING specializes in producing the kinds of crystal lamps, electric light equipment, and home decorations.
       LOUVRE MUSEUM LIGHTING is a company with 10 years of R & D, manufacturing, and diversified chain of large lighting company. Adhering to the parent company on Long Industrial Co., Ltd .  Hai Langao Bay Holdings, hard-working entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic development of business ideas, a unique wealth of style, making high-end technology and exquisite hospitality service to win the trust of our customers.
       Has been successful in Shanghai , Hangzhou and other cities to open chain stores. The company has been focusing on team building for a long time and standardized management, Depending on high-end products; reliable quality; advantages of strong technical force, we take over the Sofitel Hotel in Qingyuan, Qingyuan Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway station before the roads and squares, Nantong excellent mountain U.S. to Villa, Shanghai Majestic round of real estate, Shanghai 681 Club, Shanghai Kerry hundred grand hotels and other private luxury, hotel, hotels, real estate and municipal planning. 
       Our company has been rated top 50 lighting distributors in china, 10 outstanding dealers of decoration industry in Shanghai, the honorable title of most development potential small and medium enterprises ,the Austrian Swarovski crystal lights Shanghai distributors. Louvre Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai own a lighting showroom with super class, professional lighting team, has been committed to the combination of lighting and art, the use of advanced lighting technology to improve the company's technology research and product innovation level, has been Become a veritable ideal lighting solutions provider.



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